Georges St. Pierre Set to Return Against Woodley?

Georges St. Pierre has not fought in mixed martial arts competition for nearly 3 years. The former welterweight champion may not be getting a tune up fight to shake off the ring rust. Instead, he could return against newly crowned champ Tyron Woodley. Woodley finished Robbie Lawler with a barrage of strikes to capture the … Continue reading “Georges St. Pierre Set to Return Against Woodley?”


If you read one article about ransomware, read this one

Even cybercriminals need a digital home to operate out of, and within the past 12 months, domains that have been linked to ransomware schemes have increased by 3500 percent. Take a step back from a moment to let that sink in. That means that cybercriminals have found ransomware attacks so successful that they have more … Continue reading “If you read one article about ransomware, read this one”

women in the workplace

Opinion: What’s holding women back in the workplace?

It’s been a while since women were officially considered “Persons” and won the right to vote.  An entire generation has also passed since the rise of the feminist movement and the birth of the idea of gender equality.  With all the progress and hard fought battles it may be easy to say that all is … Continue reading “Opinion: What’s holding women back in the workplace?”

pr firms

The Best Boutique PR Firms

Be careful what you wish for when you Google the phrase “best boutique PR firm”, and be prepared for the deluge of results headed your way.  The fact is that there are literally hundreds of boutique firms in existence.  So it is understandable why many business and professionals tend to get overwhelmed when searching for … Continue reading “The Best Boutique PR Firms”