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What is the Relationship Between SEO and Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging was once quite popular and then in the past few years, it has fallen to the wayside. As a matter of fact, Google’s Matt Cutts told bloggers to stop allowing guest posts and guest bloggers to stop guest posting for backlinks to their sites. He said the effort was futile, but there was … Continue reading “What is the Relationship Between SEO and Guest Blogging?”


Food Grade Ink – What is It?

Have you ever seen an egg with pinkish or purplish writing on it? If you have, you have seen an example of food grade ink. The term itself seems to cause confusion and maybe some level of disgust when it’s discussed. The easiest way to describe food grade ink is to simply say what it … Continue reading “Food Grade Ink – What is It?”


The Role of Public Relations in 2016 Marketing Strategies

Public relations (PR) has been somewhat overlooked in marketing, much like the postscript of a letter; until now. Today’s marketing schemes and environment are making better use of PR to boost brand marketing efforts. PR has always had a minor supporting role in marketing, whether it was added as an afterthought or minimally used from … Continue reading “The Role of Public Relations in 2016 Marketing Strategies”


Georges St. Pierre Set to Return Against Woodley?

Georges St. Pierre has not fought in mixed martial arts competition for nearly 3 years. The former welterweight champion may not be getting a tune up fight to shake off the ring rust. Instead, he could return against newly crowned champ Tyron Woodley. Woodley finished Robbie Lawler with a barrage of strikes to capture the … Continue reading “Georges St. Pierre Set to Return Against Woodley?”


Russian Olympic boxers anti-doping records under review

By this point it is well documented that the entire Olympic team of the Russian Federation is in some hot water. A damning expose has finally put the spotlight on the issue which many have speculated for decades. The use of performance enhancing drugs in the Olympics is nothing new, in fact athletes and performers … Continue reading “Russian Olympic boxers anti-doping records under review”


How the ‘Golden Rule’ can save your child from drowning

As a seasoned swimming instructor, I’ve spent countless hours working with children – from infants to teenagers. A common thread among them is their parents’ desire for them to be safe around water. Living in Florida, where water abounds, learning to swim is a necessity. Beyond basic swimming skills, it’s my job to teach kids … Continue reading “How the ‘Golden Rule’ can save your child from drowning”


Laying The Groundwork For A Laser Engraving Business

So you have your sights set on earning money using a laser engraver. There are some hard truths to consider first. Laser engraving allows you to simultaneously be a modern day artisan and craftsman. But ask anyone in those fields about getting into business and they won’t pull any punches. Opening your own business, any … Continue reading “Laying The Groundwork For A Laser Engraving Business”


If you read one article about ransomware, read this one

Even cybercriminals need a digital home to operate out of, and within the past 12 months, domains that have been linked to ransomware schemes have increased by 3500 percent. Take a step back from a moment to let that sink in. That means that cybercriminals have found ransomware attacks so successful that they have more … Continue reading “If you read one article about ransomware, read this one”


Crazy trends as foreign buyers flood US real estate

There used to be a time where buying a home in the United States represented a fulfillment of a long time goal. It meant that you made it, that you achieved a part of the American dream. Although that sentiments still stands today, it is overshadowed by the hordes of foreigners looking to get in … Continue reading “Crazy trends as foreign buyers flood US real estate”


Why Boxing Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking for a new mountain to climb, look no further than your local boxing gym. Obviously there are a lot of differences. The grand vistas of peaks are replaced by the cold concrete and wooden beams of the gym. The rushing wind is replaced by the moist smells of men and women pushing … Continue reading “Why Boxing Will Change Your Life”