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Has Social Media Changed the World of Boxing?

Social media is fast-becoming a major player in the world of boxing. Sports fans are “cutting the cord” by eliminating costly cable and satellite services and switching to primarily and/or exclusively using their mobile devices from laptops to mobile phones to watch their favourite shows and sporting events. That fact alone makes it smart for … Continue reading “Has Social Media Changed the World of Boxing?”


Russian Olympic boxers anti-doping records under review

By this point it is well documented that the entire Olympic team of the Russian Federation is in some hot water. A damning expose has finally put the spotlight on the issue which many have speculated for decades. The use of performance enhancing drugs in the Olympics is nothing new, in fact athletes and performers … Continue reading “Russian Olympic boxers anti-doping records under review”


Why Boxing Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking for a new mountain to climb, look no further than your local boxing gym. Obviously there are a lot of differences. The grand vistas of peaks are replaced by the cold concrete and wooden beams of the gym. The rushing wind is replaced by the moist smells of men and women pushing … Continue reading “Why Boxing Will Change Your Life”