Backlink Building Secrets

There a few things you must know to have a successful website, and one of them is building backlinks, which is related to SEO. Those three initials stand for Search Engine Optimization, and it means strategically using keywords in your articles so that they will place high on the search engine results when someone searches … Continue reading “Backlink Building Secrets”


Why Cybersecurity & Digital Marketing Go Hand In Hand

The current role of cybersecurity in today’s companies is often shrouded by talks of cyberattacks, breaches, hackers, loss of funds and loss of trust.  And there is definitely truth in this.  However, this also presents a company with a rare gift, and that is to have two of its most significant contributors, the CIO and … Continue reading “Why Cybersecurity & Digital Marketing Go Hand In Hand”

Instagress shutdown

Instagress closes it’s doors amid #Instafraud row

Popular Instagram bot, Instagress, recently shut it’s service down… for good. On April 20th 2017, users found they could suddenly no longer access the service. It seems Instagram blocked their service – probably because of the huge amount of negative publicity surrounding Instagress in the days prior – just do a twitter search for #instafraud to … Continue reading “Instagress closes it’s doors amid #Instafraud row”

pr firms

The Best Boutique PR Firms

Be careful what you wish for when you Google the phrase “best boutique PR firm”, and be prepared for the deluge of results headed your way.  The fact is that there are literally hundreds of boutique firms in existence.  So it is understandable why many business and professionals tend to get overwhelmed when searching for … Continue reading “The Best Boutique PR Firms”